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Hangzhou Liangliang Electronic Lighting Co., Ltd.

Manufactures and markets LED bulbs, T8 LED fixtures, LED flood lights and flat panel LED downlights

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  • Phone: 0086-571-88619898
  • Mobile: 0086-13588882228
  • Fax: 0086-571-88512521
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    No. 68, Yangdai Road, Shanggan Street, Lin'an, Zhejiang, China
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Company Profile
Liangliang Lighting manufactures and markets entry-level lighting products including LED bulbs, T8 LED fixtures, LED flood lights and flat panel LED downlights. Started as a CFL bulb manufacturer in 1999, it was until 2003 that Liangliang pinpointed its business roadmap to be a manufacturer with end-to-end marketing capabilities when its founder had his virgin overseas marketing journey to attend a lighting fair in Dubai. 2004 marked Liangliang's milestone year in its history when the company's Dubai office was established to root its marketing activities in UAE, the heart of the crossroads of the trade routes of East and West, Europe and Asia. Since them Liangliang has reaped vibrant growth and its brands, "CTORCH", "Vallight" and "HZLL", have been well recognized and trusted by distributors and wholesalers in the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Africa.

Today Liangliang has grown far beyond its humble beginnings. Its sales network has been expanded to Europe, South America, and North America. Liangliang's products are being shipped worldwide, directly from its factories or through its distribution network. Driven by its robust customer demand, Liangliang has made significant investment into its manufacturing infrastructure to provide world class production capacity. In addition to the 15,000-square-meter manufacturing facility located in its headquarter in Shanggan Industrial Park (Hangzhou, Zhejiang province), Liangliang set up a 68,000-square-meter factory complex in Guangde, Anhui province. The massive manufacturing facilities offer industry-leading engineering and production capacities that deliver economies of scale and fast turnaround times, which directly translate to Liangliang's strong product strength and market competitiveness.

In addition to impressive manufacturing capacities, innovative marketing strategy and superior customer service, the uncompromising emphasis on quality management has long been a hallmark of Liangliang Lighting. As a manufacturer of entry-level products, Liangliang offers cost-effective solutions without sacrificing on quality. Its products deliver a level of quality, efficiency and reliability that are tough for its competitors to beat at the same price tiers. ISO 9001 protocols are strictly followed throughout the manufacturing process. Fully equipped testing facilities ensure all Liangliang's products meet the highest possible global and industry standards.
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